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High Performance Acoustical Floor Underlayment

 Flooring Underlayment Wholesale Distributor,Floor Muffler Underlayment
Sound Blocking and Crack Suppressant Underlayments
The FloorMufflerTM is a highly engineered underlayment developed to meet the increasing demands of the laminate market. The unique and proprietary engineering of this product allow it to interact with the floor system itself in a manner that produces a sound similar to that of traditional wood flooring. No longer will you have to field customer complaints regarding the hollow and echoing sounds associated with laminate floors as The FloorMuffler will reduce these offensive reflective noises in an unsurpassed manner. The FloorMuffler can be used for both commercial and residential applications.


 Flooring Underlayment Wholesale Distributor,Floor Muffler Underlayment
Combofoam polyethylene foam offers an economical solution to basic laminate floor applications. This padding with polyethylene film with a 4" overlap is effective in eliminating minor sub floor imperfections and also offers moisture protection.
Additionally, our attached self-stick tape allows for ease of installation.
  • Reduces both reflective sound noise and through the floor sound transmission
  • Designed to provide a sound similar to that of traditional wood floors
  • Suitable for use over both concrete and wood sub floors
  • Exceeds recommended moisture permeability ratings for installation over concrete slabs
  • Optimal thickness for both comfort and stability
  • Helps to eliminate sub floor imperfections
  • Mold and mildew resistant as well as non allergenic
  • Adds R Value to help insulate floors
  • Strong enough for the most demanding commercial installations

The FloorMuffler can be used in double glue down applications for engineered and solid hardwood floors as part of The FloorMuffler HPA System-TM. This highly tested and warranted system has proven to be a cost effective and efficient system and is revolutionizing this segment of the market.

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